Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Newsletter April 2009 - The Crows are nesting high this year...

And someone told me recently that this is the sign of a very good summer ahead.
The first summer I spent in Scotland after arriving from Madrid, in 2002, was exceptionally good. “It’s not always like this, so don’t get too used to it..!” some friends advised me wisely to enjoy the gift of sunshine without taking it for granted, for duller times might follow.
And I soon learnt to appreciate the courage of a ray of light breaking through the clouds against all odds.

Delicartessen was born in a rainy March, so it is used to storms and showers. It is powered by the torrential flow of talent I have encountered by chance, and committed to allow our artists shine in their own right …whatever the forecast.Two years later, you can see them sparkling at Joseph Pearce’s Bar. After its facelift Scandinavian style, this corner of Leith is blossoming into an all-day den for regulars. We do our previews on Saturday mornings to make the most of its crisp, natural light.

And on a more cave style note, perfect for winter or Scottish days alike, we also exhibit at The Jazz Bar. Owner Bill Kyle keeps the venue buzzing…7 days a week. Its music programme even reaches high altitudes as I have come across several reviews about it in different in-flight magazines. No wonder Bill has 1.800 subscribers to his own newsletter. Previews are on Monday evenings, so there is no excuse to say these are grey days any more. And you can always stay and let the band of the day please your ears afterwards too.

The current show at the Jazz Bar, “Material-istic” refers to the 3D nature of the works on show and to the financial crash…but with a twist.
Although financial cycles can bring unpredicted downpours which suddenly take you by surprise and leave you feeling damp, and intangible products like shares can drop to zero and freeze your heart in a second, with a painting you know that, no matter what, you will always have something to hold and keep you warm inside.

So, don’t let the current climate make you feel gloomy as it might be time for another good summer…
Let’s hope the crows have been wise!!

Join us at our next preview this Saturday 2nd of May from 10.30 am -11.30 am at Joseph Pearce’s Bar, 23 Elm Row, Edinburgh
“The Spring Exhibition” includes works by Edwin Slater, John Cannavan, Kate Lloydd and other invited artists.

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