Monday, 12 March 2012

"Take Your Time": Photographs by Marton Zsichla

Joseph Pearces Bar, 23 Elm Row. Edinburgh. Opening Sunday 11th March 2012 - 11.30 am

Do you remember those old, time consuming childhood games of “spot the difference”? Don’t you have the feeling that everything now goes too fast…? “Click”, “Send”, “Book”, “Go” E-books. On-line shops. City breaks. We move too fast. We live too fast. We even travel too fast! And some experts are even worried that these speedy actions will change forever the way our brains work. Documentary Photographer Marton Zsichla took his time traveling through South East Asia . He spent two and a half months soaking his senses in the day to day lives of the inhabitants of Thailand , Cambodia , Laos , Vietnam , Malaysia and Burma ( Myanmar ). Observing, capturing, and spotting differences…it all takes time. As Marton says, “all these countries seemed very similar at first, but when you spent some time in each of them, you realized that they are all very different…” Art forces you to discipline your senses…to stop, perceive, learn and share. If you've got some time this Sunday, join us and indulge your eyes in the stunning beauty of this journey. You will soon be rewarded with a hidden treasure, a gift brought to you by the photographer. Him taking the time.