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NEWS RELEASE: Festival Exhibition and another mystery from the Highlands...

On 5th of August 2009 we sent this Press Release about our Festival Exhibition... is today launching its Festival Exhibition at Joseph Pearce's Bar in Edinburgh.
The Exhibition, which includes a wide range of media including slate, collage and solder work by local artists, also includes a mysterious painting brought from Inverness for the show.

Inverness based artist Rosie Newman said:

"Seeing is Believing is inspired by a picture my father used to show us when we were children of Jesus with his eyes closed. He told us that if we looked hard enough - and if we believed in him, we would see his eyes open!
I tried to re-create that face from my memory and it was weird when I was painting him, as I was looking right into the eyes of Jesus, trying to paint his eyes open and yet shut, which was quite intense.
I had painted an under coat of red to go under the gold halo - and just as I looked Jesus in the eyes and he looked back with open eyes, the red paint came down in a stream from his head (as if blood from the crown) which is still there and it was a very strange moment for me, as I was alone in the studio at night!"

Vanessa Davila, Curator of the exhibition and speaking on behalf of Delicartessen said:

"The exhibition definitely has something for everyone, with an amazing range of materials being employed; from fish bone and feathers in Kate Lloyd's solder work, to pants and locally found deer hide in Newman's paintings.
And the strong sense of interaction with the environment is highlighted by Rosie's "Seeing is believing", where she invites the viewer to participate in this "seeing-believing" game of her childhood memories and be part of the mystery surrounding the painting's creation".

And, beyond mystery, the painting offers also food for thought. As Rosie explains:

"I dont believe in Jesus, as such, any more- but there is an element of 'wanting' to believe in 'something' that we all have and how much wanting to believe in something makes it real?
I painted it on camaflouge as the Iraq war was on my mind and the whole issues of using religion as a reason for war and blindly believing in that."

The Exhibition runs until the 30th of September at Joseph Pearces Bar.

Delicartessen is a small Edinburgh based company that promotes the art of young and emerging artists and organises exhibitions in different venues in the city.
Since 2007 it has been organising the art exhibitions at Joseph Pearces on a regular basis.
For more information about the exhibition please contact Vanessa Davila (tel.) or email


Notes to editors:

Joseph Pearce’s Bar, 23 Elm Row, Edinburgh, EH7 5HZ - 0131 556 4140

Rosie Newman's artist statement and qualifications:
Rosie Newman
Although I was taught not to ‘mix’ mediums at art school and to limit myself to one art form, I have never been able to stick to this. I am fascinated by the endless variety of materials available and during my career I have produced a diverse body of work, using doors, ironing boards, performance and also canaries.

Currently my paintings follow a theme of repetition versus uniqueness and this includes studies of wallpaper patterns, a series that uses the formal floral print. I use the texture or the paint to ‘set it free’; the pattern dissolves and/or changes, through painting, as though nature has claimed it back. (As with real wallpaper, when it fades and peels and the layers of the past are revealed and mixed with the new).

I like using practical and utilitarian images and putting feeling, wildness and nature back into them and vice versa. I have worked a lot with painting items of clothing and shoes, particularly my daughters red shoes, which I find symbolic and emotive. I have painted them over and over; to me they reflect the passing of time and the joy of the individuality within the mass-produced. I like flirting with pattern, leaving the symmetry and then returning to it.
More recently I have found a good source of deer hide from a forester and have been using it to paint onto. I find that it relates directly to the local landscape and it contains within it, a sense of ‘bringing back to life’.


BA Hons Degree in Fine Art Sculpture
Camberwell School of Art
BTEC Diploma in Art & Design
Ipswich School of Art.

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