Sunday, 16 December 2007

OUT OF CONTEXT Newsletter December 2007

If you always thought that watercolour is all about
pale, subtle shades and that Christmas is about snow
Here comes an exhibition to make you think twice!!!!! & Pearce’s Bar
Invite you to the Preview of:
“High Summer Storm Over...” the search for watercolour splendor
By awarded artist Kelvin Burgoyne
Below "High Summer Storm over Devon". Watercolour, 72 x 60 cm

I know that, at this time of the year,
an exhibition called “High Summer
Storm over…” is completely out of
As a Sociologist, I was once very interested in Structuralism,
Semiotics… and the way the social context conditions our
expectations and reactions.
Take a work of art out of the context of a formal museum or
gallery and some of the barriers are removed; we feel more
relaxed about discussing it, and more able to relate to the
piece. It becomes closer, something more familiar and less
Now that we have 4 venues to exhibit works in Edinburgh
and one in Glasgow in this our first year, we can be happy
that the artists we promote have taken a step forward to be
part of our cities’ landscape. And we hope to keep on
reaching a growing audience of highly aesthetically aware
people who once thought contemporary art had nothing to
offer them.
In the coming year we plan to improve the website which
will allow it to become a dynamic link with both clients and
artists. We would like art to touch every day lives, to be an
object, not only of desire but also of inspiration,
engagement and communication.
To all of you whose faces I have seen regularly at our
previews, thank you for your support, feedback and
encouragement. To those we haven’t managed to seduce
yet, there is a last chance in 2007, and it will be a refreshing
Sometimes you have to expect the unexpected…even at
See you next Wednesday!

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