Thursday, 5 February 2009

February 2009 - Jacqui Higgs solo exhibition

After a short break to recover from all our hectic activities around Christmas time, we welcomed the new year with a Solo Exhibition by Irish artist Jacqui Higgs.

Above: Fettiye", 50 x 41.5 cm. Mixed media £495

"My Current practice involves on-site drawings, photographs and graffiti text sourced from the industrial spaces of urban and contrasting rural landscapes. These are then developed to create a multi-textured surface..."


This painting below is my all-time favourite by Jacqui.
Due to the layer of varnish covering the canvas, the foggy quality of the "snow" is appreciated only when you see the painting in the flesh.
But when you can almost feel the dampness in the air. This painting came back to mind after seeing a Portraits Exhibition in London in February 2010. From all the photographs on show, the one that caught my eye displayed an image of a young man laying with his greyhound dog in a beautiful, large field. Unlike most of the other photographs, this one had some information to complement the image. The text explained that while the guy in the photo looks somehow unaware of the camera, looking distracted; the dog, on the contrary, was looking right into it, as if posing for the photograph. It was this swap of roles between human and animal that had caught my eye. I found it surprising and interesting. And the same idea applies to Jacqui's "Walking the Dog in the Snow": the dog seems to be looking directly into the viewers' eye...with some sort of human-like awareness. He seems to be telling us about the cold and the dampness...

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