Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Barnardo's Auction - December 2008

"Waiting the adoption" 76 x 56 cm. By Zohre Mirabassi
Oil on board

Barnardo’s Exhibition Launch

Wed 10th Dec 2008
6.30 pm
Joseph Pearce's Bar, 23 Elm Row.


A full moon Wednesday of December 2008 witnessed the launch of the Barnardo's Art Auction campaign, for which paintings were auctioned on the 12th of December at Joseph Pearce's Bar to raise funds for this charity devoted to helping disadvantaged and neglected kids in our community.

It highlighted the generosity of local and international artists who donated more than 30 paintings with titles as inspired as “Beginnings” (Edwin Slater).
They did their part and then it was our turn!

The exhibition and pre-autcion campaign, which included downloadable catalogues from the webiste, had an overwhelming response with a staggering amount being raised through the purchase of art. Delicartessen donated an oil painting called "Waiting for the adoption" by Iranian artist, Zohre Mirabassi. The painting sold at the auction night which took place at Joseph Pearce’s Bar, 23 Elm Row, Edinburgh.

This event proved the generosity and sensitivity of both artists and art lovers both local and afar. The money raised was dedicated to finance a summer holiday for the kids of one of Barnardo's adoption centers in Edinburgh.
The idea of giving the kids the simple, yet out of reach, opportunity of enjoying a holiday, lifted the hopes for the result of the auction and echoed Barnardos' motto of giving kids back their future...and shall we add, their present too.
We were blown away by the response of our artists and local volunteers and felt so priviledged to take part in an event like this.
As the say goes..."What goes around, comes around" (and often multiplied!) Incredilbe experience.

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